CMW Leak & Moisture Investigation Services

CMW Roof Consulting Inc is approaching 20 years on the investigation & consulting side of identifying source(s) of water intrusion, cause of condensation, and cladding deterioration or failure in the building. These services include diagnosing and pinpointing roof leaks, foundation leaks, window/window leaks, and many times a combination of more than one type of leak.

Water Intrusion Detection

Finding the Root of the Problem

A cornerstone of CMW’s foundation is investigation of moisture & water leakage.  CMW has close to 50 years’ experience in the construction industry and approaching 20 years on the investigation/consulting side of the industry.

CMW has performed investigations on numerous buildings, including roof leaks, foundation leaks, window leaks, and many times a combination of more than one type of leak.  At times, the source of the leak is obvious and easy to pinpoint, whereas other leaks can be more complex/widespread and have more than one source.  Many times, CMW has probably encountered similar issues and will rely on previous experience to help determine the source of the problematic conditions.

Depending on the issue, CMW has a variety of methods and testing equipment to help diagnose and determine the source of the problematic condition.

Addressing Damages

Diagnosing Repair Work

Once we have determined the source of the issue (leakage/infiltration), we will use our experience to help determine if there may be additional underlying issues associated with the original problem and develop various repair scopes.  CMW typically provides more than one way to address the problematic condition(s).  Our reasoning for this is to help further your knowledge of the issue and to provide you with various repair options to allow you to choose the repair that best fits you and your project’s needs.

Contract negotiations & Bidding

Contract Bidding & Observation Assistance

Once a repair scope has been chosen, and at your direction, CMW will prepare comprehensive repair documents used to bid on the project or to negotiate a contract with a preferred contractor.  Typically, CMW assists throughout the bidding process and once construction (repair) phase commences we provide periodic construction observation services.  These observation services are intended to help ensure the work is being done in accordance with the repair documents and to address unforeseen issues that may arise during construction.

Building Enclosure Consulting

Building Enclosure Consulting, also known as Building Envelope, is focused on helping prevent problematic issues before they escalate by bringing decades of experience in the Construction Industry to the table.

Construction Phase Services

CMW provides construction phase services to a variety of clients. These services are intended to further the design review by providing observation services during installation of the work. CMW helps to ensure conformity of the installation regarding the contractors work.

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD)

CMW can provide ELD testing on multiple roofing and waterproofing projects. Most common forms of ELD testing are High Voltage (dry testing) and Low Voltage (wet testing), with each test designed to identify deficiency in the assembly.

Recent Projects

Construction observation

Burlingame 3 Affordable Housing

For City of Aspen, CO

Building Condition Assessment

Multiple Retail Shopping Centers


Roofing & Waterproofing

Roof Replacement Projects

Multiple School Districts, CO