CMW Construction Phase Services

CMW provides construction phase services that are intended to further the design review process. We provide observation services to clients during the installation of work to ensure conformity and compliance regarding contractor work.

These services assist and supplement the comprehension and installation of the design built into the final product.

Pre-operations Drawing & material Detailing

Construction Phase Services Overview

CMW Roof Consulting, Inc. provides construction phase services.  These services are intended to assist and supplement the comprehension and installation of the design into the built product.  Services generally include review of the submittals, attendance at pre-construction meetings, review of mock-ups, observations of the installations, and closeout (punch-list) observations.

Periodic observation visits allow us to assess the contractor’s quality of work and their understanding of the construction documents during installation.  These visits also allow us to see and further understand unforeseen issues that may arise. Observational visits also allow us to assist the design team and contractor to work through discovered issues.

designer-of-record & third-party quality assurance

Construction Phase Services

On any given project, our role in construction phase services may vary; however, our goal is to provide the best product for the building owner. Our two main roles are designer-of-record and third-party quality assurance observer.

On projects where CMW is the designer-of-record, our role is to assure that installations are in accordance with our design documents.  We can also direct the installation to ensure that work is in accordance with the construction documents.

On projects where we are working as a third-party quality assurance observer, we cannot direct the work being performed; however, we will provide recommendations for repair or reworking of the project.

With either role, CMW will provide a brief report after each observational visit.

Building Enclosure Consulting

Building Enclosure Consulting, also known as Building Envelope, is focused on helping prevent problematic issues before they escalate by bringing decades of experience in the Construction Industry to the table.

Leak & Moisture Investigations

Investigating issues related to water leakage, condensation, or moisture is a cornerstone of CMW.

These investigations include identifying sources of water intrusion, cause of condensation, and cladding deterioration or failure.

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD)

CMW can provide ELD testing on multiple roofing and waterproofing projects. Most common forms of ELD testing are High Voltage (dry testing) and Low Voltage (wet testing), with each test designed to identify deficiency in the assembly.

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