CMW Building Enclosure Consulting Services

CMW Roof Consulting Inc has 40+ years experience in the construction industry. With our knowledge and experience we are focused and committed to helping prevent building enclosure issues before they intensify in severity and cost.

Informed Experience

Building Enclosure Overview

The Building Enclosure or Building Envelope are terms that include and define the exterior weather protection of a building. Generally speaking, the foundation would be the bottom, the walls being the sides and the roof would be the top.

Years ago, foundations or foundation walls, walls, and roofs had clear delineation between them, with basic materials being used for each. While this still holds true for many buildings today, the complexity or complicated nature of what used to be a clear delineation of systems has changed. Mostly because the materials and applications available today is immense.

In addition, building codes regarding the building envelope has become more detailed.  With the new building complexities, materials and codes, the expertise of a Building Enclosure consultant can be an asset to any project.

Involved contributions

Where We Come In

Our degree of involvement can differ on any project, ranging from providing a single review of construction drawings and specifications, working as the enclosure consultant during design, and in some cases being the designer-of-record.  Using our years of experience investigating and understanding failures of previous enclosures, we apply this knowledge to our projects.

Although our company name might suggest that we are only Roofing Consultants, we do provide consulting services for the entire building enclosure/envelope.

Leak & Moisture Investigations

Investigating issues related to water leakage, condensation, or moisture is a cornerstone of CMW.

These investigations include identifying sources of water intrusion, cause of condensation, and cladding deterioration or failure.

Construction Phase Services

CMW provides construction phase services to a variety of clients. These services are intended to further the design review by providing observation services during installation of the work. CMW helps to ensure conformity of the installation regarding the contractors work.

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD)

CMW can provide ELD testing on multiple roofing and waterproofing projects. Most common forms of ELD testing are High Voltage (dry testing) and Low Voltage (wet testing), with each test designed to identify deficiency in the assembly.

Recent Projects

Construction observation

Burlingame 3 Affordable Housing

For City of Aspen, CO

Building Condition Assessment

Multiple Retail Shopping Centers


Roofing & Waterproofing

Roof Replacement Projects

Multiple School Districts, CO